Sunday, December 28, 2014

Love for the New Year

As this year is quickly coming to a close, I'm thinking about what I'd like the new year to bring. If I'm honest, I want to be happy all the time. I want my life to be a series of good things, of wishes coming true, of ease and grace. Yet, as I look back at this year, or any year, really, I see that's not possible. Life is good things and bad things, marriages and divorces, deaths and births all smushed together.

I've tried to escape pain, to only experience pleasure, but pain is inescapable. There will always be pain and there will always be pleasure, but there will also always be something more than either. Call it love, call it God, call it Spirit, call it the universe. There exists something beyond me, that's bigger than me that gives me peace of mind no matter what.

New Year
This isn't me but it could be.

I used to set New Year's resolutions, which morphed into intentions. My only intention for this year is to align myself closer with God, Spirit, the universe. When I'm in alignment, when I'm “feeling the love” so to speak, I feel OK regardless of the circumstances. So often I get caught up in one thing or another; the drama overtakes me and I overidentify with my pain. I feel helpless, like a little boat upon the sea getting bashed about by waves and wind.

I equate syncing up with the universe as diving down deep into the ocean where the water is less choppy and the wind blows above me. In essence, a state of mental equipoise. How great does that sound?!? I can't guarantee that I'll be able to maintain a state of detachment, but I'd sure like to try. This year I'd like to experience bliss not attached to people or circumstances, but rather self-generating through dint of my spiritual practices. This year I'd like to experience divine, unconditional love. The kind I feel as a constant presence. This year I'd like to take a different approach to my trials as I remember their transient nature. I want to use my gifts to serve others in anyway I can and treat myself with all the love, care, and attention I deserve.

I have that wish for others too. I wish that we may all experience untold bliss like we've never experienced before. That we ascend to new heights and feel just how loved we are. That we maintain our mental equipoise and align ourselves with something greater than us. That we serve ourselves and others and practice the golden rule.

I dream of a world that I just described, a world where 2015 is a bright and blessed year for all of us. A world where we join together to create a new Earth.

Another world is not only possible, it's probable.

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