Thursday, January 29, 2009


Openness. To live a big, grand and exciting life I think requires openness. Being open to change, being open to positive messages from the universe, being open to all possibilities. How can we live the full life we are meant to if we are grasping onto ideas of the way things “should” be? If we are holding onto preconceived notions of how things “should” work, “should” turn out, “should” function?

When I reflect on my life, when I reflect on the adventures I have already experienced, I realize it’s because I approach life with an open heart (most of the time). It’s because I don’t close myself off to all possibilities. I ask for something and I’m open to receiving it in whatever form that takes.

The other day I asked Heather for a resource regarding communicating nonviolently in relationships. She told me to pray for it. Three days later I went to my coworker’s house and lying on the coffee table was exactly the kind of book I wanted to read! It felt as if the universe conspired to put that book there for me. So I could stumble across it. What a gift! What a treasure!

I say this not to brag or extol how much the universe loves me but rather illustrate this stuff happens all the time. And if it doesn’t, it can! Everyone can experience this kind of magic, this kind of grace. All it takes is an open heart and an open mind. Rising above our murky slumber to see the grace, see the serendipity in our lives. To see the guiding force and the love our Creator has for us all.

The way I see it, to live the life I wish to lead, to fulfill my dreams, it takes openness. Openness to being guided, openness to signs to messages to “coincidences.” Openness to what God has in store for us. When we turn our backs on the Universe there is only so much the Universe can do. Instead, when we open the windows to our hearts and minds anything can manifest. So much happens. It can and does and will.

I envision a world where we are all open to all possibilities. I envision a world where we communicate with divinity and allow divinity to communicate with us. I envision a world where we allow ourselves to be carried like dandelion seeds in the wind. Where our hearts and our minds are open. Where we all live big, grand, exciting lives and realize our utmost potential.

I know another world is not only possible, it’s probable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Are All Agents Of Change

While I appreciate the sentiment of “The World has Changed” I think it’s important for us to remember change happens all the time. We make all things new. You and I are changing this world at every moment. Yes it’s great and grand Barack Obama is now President of the United States but let us remember he is only one man.

The real power, the real change comes from us – from you and me when we unite together. When we join hands for a common cause. When we decide to work together that’s when the miracles happen. That’s where real change comes from.

I am not the President of the United States but that does not mean I am any less powerful or my worth is any less. The leader of the U.S. is merely that, the leader. He has no purpose, no function if there are no people to lead. Really the citizens of the world are far more powerful. Imagine what we could do if we tried! Imagine the change we could evoke if we united together as one! Think of the power we have in our hands!

So let us remember to temper all the talk of “a new era” with the understanding we change things all the time. Change happens at every moment. We usher in a “new era” with every breath we take. You and I as we unite are a force more powerful, more effective and more magnificent than any one person can ever be alone.

True power lies in our unity. True change comes from us. You and I are the agents of change, working for a new world. We. Us together.

I envision a world where the moralists clasp hands with one another and cooperate in the spirit of change. I envision a world where social activists link up with each other and realize they don’t need to start another nonprofit to elicit the change they wish to see. Where people recognize there are many willing participants who wish to work together as one. I envision a world where all the splinter groups bundle together as one. Where each and every person recognizes their own worth, their own power, regardless of their role in society. I envision a world where each and every person sees themselves for the powerful being they really are. Because you and I are more powerful, more magnificent and more brilliant than we can even imagine.

I’m sure many of you have read this quote numerous times before but it seems appropriate for this post:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love

So let us shine. Let us share our radiance with others. Let us take the candle flame glowing within each of us and join together to outshine the sun. We can do anything if we do it together.

Not only is another world possible, it’s probable.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing Is Permanent

This week someone I really loved and cared about died. What it really highlights for me is nothing is permanent, nothing is stable.

At this moment I feel extremely unsettled, like God reached down and shook up my snow globe, which is perhaps a good thing.

Recognizing nothing is permanent, nothing is secure, really forces me to be present, to be in the moment. I realize every person in my life, every object, every situation is a gift. It's something to be cherished for the short time it's around. People will not be in my life forever, which is all the more reason to enjoy them while they are. Recognizing the impermanence of everything shows me I cannot take anything for granted. Who knows how long it will be around?

All I can do right now is be grateful for this moment, for this experience, for this life.

The only thing I think is truly permanent, truly stable and truly infinite is God. God's love is all-pervading. God's love is stable and permanent and always around. And these things surrouding me? These people? This computer I'm typing on? It's a manifestation of God and God's love. I, you, we are showered with God's love all the time. Death reminds me to be grateful for it, to enjoy it, to revel in it.

I envision a world where no one takes one another for granted. I envision a world where we are all more present, where we recognize our lives for what they are: a gift. I envision a world where we enjoy each and every moment. Where we recognize God's love surrounds us always. Where we can feel the ocean of bliss surrounding us and not fall for the trap we need any thing or person in our life to feel stable because it's not true. There is permanence and stability only in the moment. There is only God and manifestations of God. There is only love in its various forms. There are only gifts from on high that make life a little more enjoyable. I envision a world where we are joyous and happy and free. I envision a world where people fully embrace and experience each and every moment because this moment is all we truly have.

Not only is another world possible, it's probable.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Control and Trust Revisited

I know I already wrote a post about this but since it's coming up for me again I decided to revisit it.

Lately I'm finding it hard to trust in God/the Universe/My Creator. Lately I find it hard to trust in an amorphous thing I can't put my finger on. I find it hard to trust because as I mentioned in my previous entry, there are certain things I want so badly I'm worried if I let go, if I open my fist, if I give up the illusion of control, somehow they won't come true. Somehow my dreams will be lost in the ether never to be realized.

I worry by trusting in a power greater than myself, by giving up my "control" I won't get what I want.

And yet that's not the case.

Last night I went to a Catholic Mass with some friends. The priest? pastor? said many things but one of his lines was to trust in God. To trust in God's plan for us.

As I reflect on my life I see how it has all worked out in my best interest. God has my back, if you will. And not just my back but everyone's back. I'm not alone in this or special or something. I bet if each and every one of us really examined our lives we would see how even our worst hell taught us something. How we needed to go through hell so X could happen.

I see how even when I wanted something so desperately, like to go to Northwestern University, it's actually better I didn't. I see how God knows what's best for me even before I do. I see how God also has my best interest in mind. I see how I'm guided and pushed and pulled in a certain direction and even though I often feel like there's a blindfold over my eyes, I never trip over tree stumps. I never end up with a bloody nose. Why? Because God loves me. And you. And everyone.

I also keep circling around something the famous Heather said: "Your dreams are ant-sized compared to what your creator has in store for you."

So far she's been right. I never in a million years would have told you this would be my life. I never would have guessed I would live in California or travel so much or experience the things I have. If I had it my way I would have lived in Maryland with two cats and a white picket fence by now. I see how God's plan for me is so much sweeter, so my grander and so much greater than my own.

Even though I'm having trouble trusting as of late, I also see how I have no reason to doubt God. I have never been led astray.

I envision a world where I and others like me can trust in the Universe. Where we let go our need to control and instead let God lead our little life raft. I envision a world where we trust what happens to us is for our own good and stop trying to micromanage our lives. I envision a world where we try to align our will with God's will and realize our utmost potential. I envision a world where all people strive for their dreams and never settle because it's a "safe bet." I envision a world where we not only trust but we know we'll be taken care of no matter what. Where we open our arms and lift our hands up to the sky and proclaim, "You know what's best for me. I trust in you." Where we realize God's plan for us is better than our own.

I know not only is another world possible, it's probable.