Friday, December 27, 2013

The Awakening

I have a friend on facebook who utterly intrigues me. She's a twinflame matchmaker who's on a mission to help women become high healed priestesses and engage in their bli$$nesses (bliss + business). Her website, photos, and messages are awash with pink and all things girly. She talks a lot about healing the divine feminine and awakening the feminine energy which is in all of us -- men and women alike.

Also, yesterday was the winter solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. Another friend shared this picture and message: "Happy winter solstice! To the divine, sacred spirit of the feminine opening everything."

I have no idea whether this is photoshopped or not.
What I'm saying is feminine energy has been on my mind. I've been thinking about what it means and noticing there's been a distinct imbalance in my life, a skewing toward the masculine energy more than the feminine. It seems to me masculine energy is all about doing, acting, moving, while feminine energy is all about being, receiving, and stillness. Given the choice, I'd much rather "do." Tell me the action to take and I will. Stillness, having patience, these are much harder for me but I'm being called to bring forth my feminine energy more and more.

On Wednesday, I had a conversation about fear and my therapist asked me what my typical response is. My typical response is to power through it. To rush through fear like a warrior charging into battle, but the warrior doesn't always work for me because sometimes there's no action to take. Sometimes all my fearful self wants is a hug, which means nurturing and caring for me. Calling forth my softer side.

I won't say my softer side has been lying dormant -- it hasn't -- but cultivating the feminine within me has been a process, an awakening of sorts. If you think about it, waking up requires more than opening your eyes -- you also have to throw off the sheets and sidle out of bed. I opened up my eyes long ago, and now I'm stretching.

I guess I'm writing this post because I'm noticing the value of the feminine and I want to encourage other people to engage their softness too. I used to think soft meant weak, vulnerable, open to attack, but the more I'm dismantling my fear, the more I notice it takes a lot of courage to be soft, to be vulnerable, to nurture. And it doesn't mean I have to be one way or another -- sometimes the warrior is necessary, but so is the pink fuzzy blanket.

I also want to say here, in the past I might have berated myself for not being where I want, for not being "awake" already, but I'm noticing there's deliciousness in waking up. There's softness in the process. This is me encouraging you to be OK with where you are, to know whatever awakening you are going through it's perfectly fine for it to be gentle, for you to not be finished with it yet. Savor where you are, you'll be awake soon enough.

I dream of a world where we don't rush the process. A world where we understand we wake up (metaphorically speaking) when we're ready. A world where we value both the masculine and feminine side of ourselves. A world where we live in harmony with ourselves calling forth what is needed when it is needed.

Another world is not only possible, it's probable.

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  1. How timely! I'm glad you are leaning in more to your feminine aspects... I've been going through a similar process over the past couple of years and reminded of this lately. Also, I've been very much in an "acceptance" phase lately as opposed to the action, which has also been kind of uncomfortable and uneasy for me, too. Here's to 2014!